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MP221 Engineering Analysis II

MP221 Midterm marks-2017

Course description

Download the course outline.

Course instructors

  • Dr. Mohamed Omar Abdelgawad
        Office: 2nd floor - Heat laboratory
        Office hours: 3:00 - 4:00 pm on Monday
                       3:00 - 4:00 pm on Wednesday
        E-mail:  M[dot]abdelgawad[at]aun[dot]edu[dot]eg

Teaching assistants

  • Eng. Ali Ismail (المهندس/ علي إسماعيل)
        Office: Third floor  - Mechanical Engineering Department
        Office hours: TBD
        E-mail: amgreshy[at]aun[dot]edu[dot]eg
  • Eng. Mohamed Eid (المهندس/ محمد عيد)
        Office: Third floor - Mechanical Engineering Department
        Office hours: TBD
        E-mail: mohamedeid_2015[at]yahoo[dot]com

Lectures and tables

  1. Lecture #1: General course introduction
  2. Solving higher order linear homogeneous ODE with constant coefficients (Adapted from Material of Prof. Zachry S Tseng at Penny State University)
  3. Integration tables
  4. Table of common Laplace transforms


  1. Assignment#1 
  2. Assignment#2 (Euler-Cauchy and higher order ODE)
  3. Assignment#3 (Non-homogeneous ODE)
  4. Assignment#4 (Free vibrations)
  5. Assignment#5 (Forced vibrations)
  6. Assignment#6 (Power series)
  7. Assignment #7 (Laplace transforms)
  8. Assignment #8 (Fourier series)
  9. Assignment #9 (Partial Differential equations)

    Assignment solutions

    Bonus projects

    Solution of quizzes and exams

    Interesting Videos

    Vortex shedding associated with flow around a cylinder and the resulting oscillating forces

    Experimental demonstration of resnonance and failure of a structure due to vortex shedding

    Tacoma Narrows bridge falls due to resonance resulting from vortex shedding

    Vibration of a string on a violin

    Forced vibrations of a string

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