Ahmad Altayeb

Ahmad Altayyeb received the B. Eng in Mechanical Engineering, with a mechatronics minor, from Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt, in 2013. Currently, he is pursuing the M. S. degree in mechanical engineering at Assiut Microfluidics Lab (AML), Assiut University.

After graduation, Ahmad had the opportunity to work as an R&D engineer at the Integrated Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU), Assiut University. After fulfilling the national call of duty in the Egyptian armed forces, he has joined the center for nanotechnology (CNT), Zewail City of Science and Technology, as a research and teaching assistant with Dr. M. Abdelgawad. Ahmad's research interests involve using Microfluidics in different biological applications such as flow sensing, cell mechanical characterization, nanomaterials synthesis, and tissue dissociation.

Ahmad was a recipient of the first place award of the Young Innovators Awards (YIA), Egypt, for his graduation project under the title of “building a syringe pump for drug dosing and microfluidics applications”.