Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA)

We have developed a new Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) plugin to work with Image-J to help analyze sperm motion inside microchannels. This plugin improves on the previously reported CASA plugin for easier user interaction, better accuracy, and added functionality in microfluidics. Even if you don't use microfluidics, you will still benefit a lot from the improved tracking algorithms.

In addition to improving the tracking algorithms to improve accuracy, the plugin includes necessary preprocessing steps such as contrast enhancement, background subtraction and thresholding techniques to give the user a simple one-click interface. The user interface was improved to automatically save settings between runs. The resulting tracks are drawn in a new way to be able to easily view the sperm tracks and correlate them with the results, which are automatically saved to a csv file. New parameters are added to help analyze sperm cells in microfluidic devices under fluid flow.

Here you can download plugin manual and installation instructions, and here you can download the plugin itself.